AFC 2017 & MY NEW JOB!

I went to watch the AFC 2017 men’s physique competition to support my new boss compete for his first time ever! Also, check out The Lab – where I’m now working! It’s an awesome gym with great facilities 😀 Subscribe ? Share this video ?

SPARTAN RACE THAILAND 2017 (SPRINT) | All obstacles & my results

The first Spartan Race in Thailand has come to an end and it has been an epic journey, in terms of training and personal experience! From taking part in many of the mass community workouts organized by Spartan Race Thailand, to joining classes and training at Training Ground Sukhumvit 69 and Training Ground Rama 4, learning skills and joining in a mini-race at The Movement Playground, and finally overcoming my achilles tendon injury and completing the race – it’s been amazing! I’ve met so many great people with a shared interest in fitness and pushing themselves both physically and mentally in order to do their best in the race. I never would have thought I would have taken part in[…]

MY WORST INJURY YET + Spartan Race training workouts

While training for the first Spartan Race in Thailand, I injured myself pretty badly during one of the mass community workouts (completely my fault!) The workouts in this video were at the Movement Playground in Bang Na, and Training Ground at Sukhumvit 69 in Bangkok, Thailand. Subscribe ? Share this video ?

SPARTAN MASS WORKOUT | Training Ground Sukhumvit 69

We had one hell of a great workout at the Training Ground Sukhumvit 69 gym in Bangkok for the Spartan Race Thailand. Also, I got great advice on how to not rip my hands up climbing ropes! Subscribe ? Share this video ?

TRAINING WHILE ON HOLIDAY | How much should I be doing?

While we were on holiday in Europe for 3 weeks, we tried to find a balance of making time to train, and enjoying our trip. How much should you be training on holiday if at all? Subscribe ? Share this video ?


While in Sweden, we take a bucket to the beach to practise doing the Bucket Brigade for the Spartan Race in Thailand, plus some hill sprints to improve our conditioning. Man, was it tough! Subscribe ? Share this video ?

TRAINING IN SWEDEN | Back & shoulders at Form Toppen gym

My first vlog in Sweden! Lotta’s little brother, Felix, takes us to the local gym, Form Toppen, which happens to be a really great gym, and we hit back and shoulders… and eat some strawberries 😀 Subscribe ? Share this video ?