AFC 2017 & MY NEW JOB!

I went to watch the AFC 2017 men’s physique competition to support my new boss compete for his first time ever! Also, check out The Lab – where I’m now working! It’s an awesome gym with great facilities 😀 Subscribe ? Share this video ?

AFC 2016 | WFF SPORT & FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIP | Road to Shredded II #17

My first men’s physique competition of 2016, the WFF Sport & Fitness Championship at the AFC 2016. The competition was really strong, I gave it my all, but was it enough to win first place? After this show, I’m 2 days out from my next one, the FitWhey Classic 5.0! SUBSCRIBE

THOUGHTS SO FAR | 7 DAYS OUT AGAIN | Road to Shredded #33

I give my thoughts on how I did at the AFC & Expo 2015 and FitWhey Classic 4.0, plus what I’m doing to come in leaner and more shredded at the Sport Expo on the 24th October 2015! I thought I’d try something different in this video. I have some of my recent training footage from after the FitWhey Classic 4.0 playing in the background with another video of commentary playing in the corner. Only 7 days out from the Sport Expo! Watch on YouTube:


I’ve never had a professional photoshoot like this before, so I had to learn how to pose but had a lot of help from the guys in the studio who were awesome, and it was an amazing experience! This photoshoot was done the day after the Asia Fitness Conference & Expo 2015 and one day out from the FitWhey Classic 4.0. I was pretty exhausted from the day before but had to keep on going as I still needed to prep for the FitWhey competition that I was doing the next day. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below; any feedback would be appreciated! Next video: the FitWhey Classic 4.0! Watch on YouTube:


My first men’s physique competition of 2015, the Asia Fitness Conference & Expo 2015! After this one, I’m 2 days out from the FitWhey Classic 4.0, and 2 weeks out from the Sport Expo! In this video, I go to Bitec in Bang Na, Thailand, where the Asia Fitness Conference & Expo is being held. It’s a men’s physique competition that has no weight or height limits, and is open to anyone who wants to participate. The judges are looking for the most aesthetic and athletic looking competitors. Two days after this, I’m competing in the FitWhey Classic! Watch on YouTube: