MY WORST INJURY YET + Spartan Race training workouts

While training for the first Spartan Race in Thailand, I injured myself pretty badly during one of the mass community workouts (completely my fault!) The workouts in this video were at the Movement Playground in Bang Na, and Training Ground at Sukhumvit 69 in Bangkok, Thailand. Subscribe ? Share this video ?


My knee injury has come back, preventing me from squatting! So frustrating, but instead of giving up, I find a work around to at least maintain the strength and development I have. Plus, a new PR! SUBSCRIBE WATCH ON YOUTUBE


An old injury shows its ugly head again, preventing me from training how I’d like to. Plus, I look into building a DIY standing desk using bits from IKEA – and it turns out great! SUBSCRIBE WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Warm-ups for squats

Warming up before exercising is an important part of a workout, but is often neglected. Here are some warmup exercises I like to do before training legs: Leg swings (front to back, side to side) – 10 reps for each leg Spidermans – 10 reps for each leg Rolling stretches – 10 reps Fire hydrants – 5 reps for each leg/direction Groin and hamstring stretch – 10 reps These exercises can help you loosen up after being sat at a desk all day, improve flexibility, and activate the muscles you’ll be using in your workout. Have you tried any of these before? Let us know in the comments below! SUBSCRIBE Watch on YouTube:


I’ve had a few setbacks with my training over the past month, including getting sick, getting bronchitis, and spraining my thumb, which means my training hasn’t been the best lately! Because of this, I’ve had to make a pretty important decision about whether or not I will compete in the Mr. Thailand physique competition I was planning to compete in, or if I should wait until later in the year and give myself time to work on weaknesses and improve my physique to come in better than ever. SUBSCRIBE Watch on YouTube:

MAKING ADJUSTMENTS | Road to Shredded #11

Making adjustments to your diet or training program is so important in order to make progress. In this video, I talk about how I’ve needed to make adjustments in order to keep progressing. An example of how I have adjusted my training is using the leg press machine instead of doing high rep squats for my hypertrophy leg day. My lower back is playing up at the moment and is quite tight, so I decided to use the leg press machine as it takes the load off my lower back, so I can still train my legs while letting my lower back recover. I’m training in my Alphalete Athletics performance shirt in blue and lime. As I’m preparing to compete[…]

ACCEPTING DEFEAT | Road to Shredded #6

Sometimes we all have to accept defeat to allow ourselves to recover, recuperate and rest so we can come back even stronger. In this video I talk about how a small injury on the left side of my lower back is preventing me from squatting or deadlifting the weights that I’m used to, so instead of carrying on trying to lift heavy, I need to “accept defeat” and back off a little and try to fix the problem so that I can come back stronger and continue progressing. Today’s workout: Squats: 3-6 reps for 4-5 sets (I did 1 set of pause squats at the end)Sumo deadlifts: 2-6 reps for 4 setsCalf press: 8-12 reps for 4 setsIncline reverse crunches:[…]