BOOTCAMP, 5KM RUN AND BADMINTON | Spartans in training

After hitting back and shoulders in Hua Hin, we play badminton, run 5 km in Benjakitti Park in Bangkok, and join a bootcamp hosted by Tony from The Lab, all trying to improve our fitness for the Spartan Race! Subscribe ? Share this video ?


My first Spartan Race training class at the Power Roar gym! I got to climb my first rope, plus get into teams and compete with others in a killer circuit that included burpees, box jumps, lunges and more! A huge thanks to Tom for filming us train! Check out his YouTube channel at Subscribe ? Share this video ?

BURPEES, OH BURPEES | Chest & arms workout + burpees

My third workout for my Spartan Race training – chest, biceps and triceps, with an additional exercise we all love… burpees! Burpees are great for building all round fitness and necessary for the race! SUBSCRIBE WATCH ON YOUTUBE

I HATE THIS BAR | Legs & abs workout + sprint interval training

My first legs and abs workout of my Spartan Race training. Nothing much has changed here except I’ve added walking lunges with a plate overhead, and sprint interval training for cardio! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL WATCH ON YOUTUBE

TRAINING FOR SPARTAN RACE | Back & shoulders workout

I’ve decided to compete in the first Spartan race that’s happening in Thailand in September 2017! I’ve had to adapt my training to train for it and today I train back and shoulders. SUBSCRIBE WATCH ON YOUTUBE

PUSH PULL 2017 HIGHLIGHTS | Muscle Factory Bangkok

Highlights of the Push Pull event held at the Muscle Factory gym in Bangkok on the 8th April 2017. The bench press and the deadlift were the lifts. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the end so I couldn’t get everything on video – sorry about that! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL WATCH ON YOUTUBE


Lotta and I join my brother at Cascade Club in the Ascott hotel for an epic workout. I hit chest and arms, Lotta did legs and abs, Rishi trained back and shoulders, and we had some fun with the tank! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL WATCH ON YOUTUBE