TRAINING WHILE ON HOLIDAY | How much should I be doing?

While we were on holiday in Europe for 3 weeks, we tried to find a balance of making time to train, and enjoying our trip. How much should you be training on holiday if at all? Subscribe ? Share this video ?

TRAINING IN SWEDEN | Back & shoulders at Form Toppen gym

My first vlog in Sweden! Lotta’s little brother, Felix, takes us to the local gym, Form Toppen, which happens to be a really great gym, and we hit back and shoulders… and eat some strawberries 😀 Subscribe ? Share this video ?

F45 PLAYOFFS IN BANGKOK | May 27th 2017

I tried my best at the F45 playoffs at the Novotel in Bangkok after hearing about it recently. It seriously was the most physically intense 10 minute workout of my life! Subscribe ? Share this video ?

SPARTAN RACE TRAINING 2017 | Training Ground Rama 4, Bangkok

The Training Ground Rama 4 gym in Bangkok held a mass Spartan Race training session for the upcoming Spartan Sprint race in September this year. Lotta and Tom joined in and it was epic! SUBSCRIBE WATCH ON YOUTUBE

CONTEST PREP REFEED | Full day of eating | Road to Shredded II #6

This is what my refeed days currently look like during my contest prep. Pretty high carb, minimal fat, and moderate protein. I get to enjoy foods like cereal, blueberry pancakes, macaroni and Haribo! SUBSCRIBE WATCH ON YOUTUBE


My client, Mike, has trained with me for the past 5 weeks and has made incredible strength and mass gains! We’ve been using a push/pull split and in just 5 weeks, he’s gained over 4kg/9lbs! Progress pictures are at the end of the video. SUBSCRIBE WATCH ON YOUTUBE


Paco has been training with me for the past couple of months during his internship here in Bangkok, and has made HUGE progress with his strength, flexibility and overall fitness! When Paco first started training with me, he lacked quite a lot of flexibility which prevented him to perform a squat to full depth with correct form. He also suffered from “office syndrome” which is tightness in the chest and shoulders and an inactive upper back, resulting in the forward rounding of the shoulders. With a lot of work and commitment, Paco has made incredible progress and can now squat 70kg for 3 sets of 10 with full range of motion, has made great strength gains overall, and a greatly[…]