TRAINING IN SWEDEN | Back & shoulders at Form Toppen gym

My first vlog in Sweden! Lotta’s little brother, Felix, takes us to the local gym, Form Toppen, which happens to be a really great gym, and we hit back and shoulders… and eat some strawberries 😀 Subscribe ? Share this video ?

Vishal Haria's Fitness Channel Trailer

  Hi. My name is Vishal Haria and I’m a personal trainer who has recently started competing in physique contests. I used to look like this… but now I look like this. Follow me on my journey to take my physique to the next level, as I work on becoming more muscular, lean, ripped and shredded in pursuit of having the most aesthetic physique I have ever had. I’ll show you the kind of training and nutrition I use to get my body to where I want it to be. I’ll talk about other things I get up to as a personal trainer and physique competitor, including any activities I find enjoyable, product reviews and unboxings. I believe that fitness[…]